Hour of Code

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A.I. Introduction

New to Coding


Have coded before


Can write code


Bad Guys

Angry Birds

Code with Star Wars

Aquatic Minecraft

Hero Minecraft

Adventure Minecraft

Designer Minecraft

Create your own Flappy Bird Game

Code Your Own Sports Game

The Grinch:Saving Christmas with Code​

Kodable: Make Your Own Mazes

A.I. for Ocean- Machine Learning

Infinity Story Lab

Dance Party (new)

Artist Coding


Imagine a World

Responsible Consumption 

Code a Cartoon

Imagine A World with Scratch

Animate Your Name With Scratch (Desktop only)

Code Your Own Greeting Card

Make Music with Scratch (Desktop only)


Code an Interactive PSA with Python

Intro to App Lab (13+)

Game Builder with Code Monkey

Algorithm – Al-go-ri-thm, a list of steps that you can follow to finish a task

Conditionals – Con-di-shun-uls, statements that only run under certain conditions
Loop –  Loop, the action of doing something over and over again
more coding here!

For an interesting article on Beginning HTML submitted by Jenna, click here.

Want to learn beginning Java, try this site recommened by Lauren, from Guru99

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