10 thoughts on “Home, home on the shelf…

  1. we love your website and we used the pirate translator and I can’t wait for for the chicks! Love Rory

  2. Hi Ms. Schuck, I miss you soooooo much I am in 5th grade now. I think your are the most fantastic, fun library teacher ever. I remember the last day of school when I said good-bye. That year you brought the chicks in. You where my library teacher for four year and I miss you!!! I love you<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Meghan Fligg

  3. Hi this is one of your old students 🙂 I miss Station Ave, you, and library football. I once had an assignment to write about teacher and what they said and did, so I wrote about you and library football. I hope I’ll see you around! -Your #1 fan

  4. Ms. Schuck, I remember back in Station Ave, when you used to try and read us a page or two from a story “without breathing”. That always made me smile. And now, here you are, back in our library, continuing to make kids smile. You’re just about the coolest teacher ever.

    Jaida Lawrence

  5. Dear Mrs. Schuck,
    You are my number one favorite teacher! When Covid came around, you didn’t give up on being fun. Hope you can get a well deserved break, and maybe go on another would tour?
    Sincerely yours,
    Li’l book worm

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